Discovery & Calibration

Consumer-first in-culture marketing starts before the first brief to agency partners. For greatest impact, key brand stakeholders need to reframe their planning approach, reevaluating key business issues and opportunities to determine their inclusive and segment-specific targets.

Discovery & Calibration

Insights &

Creative &

Asset Dev., Launch
& Measurement

Opportunity and Insight Mining

Inclusive Brand Strategy Assessment and Development



C-Suite engagement & signals or Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing (MC&I) not prioritized as a strategic initiative. No plan/lack of business case.

1. Strenghen understanding of the MC&I opportunity.
2. Develop commitments & vision.

Corporate brand is risk adverse

1. Elevate DEI as a business driver to achieve growth and create impact in the marketing and advertising industry.
2. Quantify impact of DEI
Over reliance on “averages”
Conduct brand specific analysis to achieve:
1. incremental brand and business growth.
2. Cultural relevancy/fluency
Lack of diverse representation in leadership
Organizational maturity/Benchmarking
Lack of Company DEI statement
Align vision, mission and values of organization to demonstrate commitment to an inclusive and equitable workplace and marketplace
Lack of access and economic opportunity in diverse suppliers and minority media with brands and advertisers
Address the top five issues: Visibility, Access, Investments, Certification, Invoice Payment
Organizational structure
Organizational alignment
Low (historic) community engagement
Greater Understanding of ALL communities
No alignment of supplier diversity goals with agency partners
Commit to diversity, set goals to identify top areas of impact,develp action plans and measure results
Poorly defined agency roles & responsibilities (RASCI)
Process for internal agency team alignment (Brand/Client owns role of Integrator)

Align on supplier diversity goals with your agency partners

Marketing Mix Models (MMM) are not highlighting the diverse consumer imperative, rather it’s getting disproportionately impacted from a negative perspective
Data sets and ID’s need to correctly reflect all consumers.