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Armed with rich insights and cultural inspiration, your brand and agency partners can make more informed choices to develop brand creative and experiences with an intentionally inclusive lens.

Discovery & Calibration

Insights &

Creative &

Asset Dev., Launch
& Measurement

Development with inclusive lenses



Multicultural budget is insufficient to reach a target audience
Line up budgets with the size of the opportunity. Perform segment and sub-segment opportunity sizing analysis.
Nuance in ideation. Lack of diversity on the team and/or expertise on how to ensure brief has diverse thinking, direction, and perspectives.
Tap into internal and external resources to create a creative review council, ensuring subject matter experts are included from the insight gathering process. From strategy to the creative teams/partners, brief, casting, production and post production, and media planning, inclusivity should be present throughout the entire process.
Brief created without cultural understanding.

Audience authenticity rubric

Embrace better definitions for your audience
Endemic commits vs. “general” and cultural fluency.
Challenge assumptions, pushing against generalizations or stereotypes. Ask more human-centered questions about diverse audiences
Challenges with audiece definitions
Create a more compehensive and holistic understanding of your audience with deeper cultural EQ and IQ
Prioritizing efficiency over effectiveness
Lack of diversity in creative and production
Significantly improve relevance and resonance of campaigns by authentically portraying target segment
Lack of diversity with agencies and suppliers
Convey supplier diversity goals for agency partners and set goals & expectations for diversity within the team, as well as in front & behind the camera
Supplier Certification
Define tiers for sourcing and procurement by spend and impact