As marketers, we find ourselves in a powerful moment of change – where conversations about consumer connections through culture, identity, race/ethnicity are paramount, and understanding the nuances of intersectionality, and authentic representation, is crucial not only to brand and business success, but to our success as a society.

Consumers expect more engagement from brands, evaluating their actions across all touchpoints and especially within the experiences we offer through marketing. Industry research has proven how culture – when integrated effectively – is responsible for 66% or more of a campaign’s sales performance1. Culture is no longer a “nice to have” for ROI. It is now an imperative.

With the “why” irrefutably established, marketers are hungry for the “how.” The Cultural Toolbox is the most comprehensive and actionable industry-wide blueprint for embedding cultural relevance and inclusion in the creative process, end-to-end. Designed as four (4) key stages, with shared themes that are relatable across categories and consumer segments, this resource is meant to serve as inspiration to be adopted or adapted to elevate success within existing processes, leveraging all key stakeholders who contribute to the work. We invite you to explore the content with an eye on evaluating and enhancing your own approach toward leveraging culture to connect with today’s diverse consumers and to support your overall journey toward growth.